Grilled Cheese to Save the Bees and Trees

Here at BeesAndThankYou we generate a majority of our donations through our Grilled Cheese to Save the Bees and Trees Committee.

Our Grilled Cheese to save the Bees and Cheese Committee travels to various farmers markets and music festivals to spread awareness and educate the community about Colony Collapse Disorder, Deforestation, and the importance of Bees and Trees.

All of our Grilled Cheese are sold upon donation, and we work in close collaboration with various partners to host engaging raffles and various fun activities for the community.

While our menu varies slightly due to our inclination to partner with local farmers markets and our attempt to cater to local favorites, we have 4 basic grilled cheese template sandwiches we work from.

The Sweet Grilled Cheese, with our all natural blueberry honey.

The Fire Grilled Cheese, with an assortment of hot cheeses.

The Old Fashion Grilled Cheese, just like you get from Mom.

The Vegan Grilled Cheese, for all our conscientious Donors.