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Yearly losses at unsustainable levels put the system of bee colonies at great risk.


Our Mission

From the bottom up, we focus on establishing strong roots in order to grow. Our mission is, all we need is to be more Thankful for Bees. BeesAndThankYou is a small company who plans to grow into a 501-c3 non-profit, our primary goals involve spreading a communal attitude and response towards stoping deforestation and the rapid decline of Bees.

We aim to inspire people to become citizens of a global community, where they are aware of their choices in consumer culture. Our vision and end goal to create sustainable habitats for both Trees and Bees is what separates us from other companies. Each day we strive to make this world a better place, one tree and one bee at a time. Whether it be educating people about deforestation and the travesties that take place around the world for us to have paper products, or sharing that everyone has the power to help stop the extinction of Bees, BeesAndThankYou aims to inspire people to take the first step in helping each other, the environment, and the world.

Inspired by Sister Dorothy Stang, Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, BeesAndThankYou hopes to make a lasting impression on humanity and the environment. BeesAndThankYou takes the first step in making a difference by implementing a community active plan that keeps humanity and the environment in mind.


Honey Bees are a natural – and inseparable – part of the agricultural sector of the economy and, subsequently, our everyday sustenance. Honeybees are the most effective commercial pollinators in almost any agricultural industry, and in that role they represent an annual monetary value of $15 billion. If the commercial honeybee were to suddenly disappear, we, as an agriculturally driven species, would lose our primary pollinator for over 150 different fruits and vegetables – more than 80 percent of all crop pollination.

BeesAndThankYou is dedicated to reversing this economically devastating trend. We intend to raise money through our initiatives to establish organic bee sanctuaries – places that the bees have unlimited access to pesticide free pollen, and where their colonies can expand free of perennial migrations. We intend to also use the funding from our initiatives to further research and development into the causes and solutions of Colony Collapse Disorder, so that we may create a better world for the honeybee and for us.

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chart of bee decline


Half of the world’s rain forests have already disappeared, permanently destroyed for human activity. It is estimated that 18 million acres of forest are burned or clear-cut every year, or 36 football fields every minute. In many areas – Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo – trees represent the most valuable and abundant source of energy. But it is also removed to make room for housing, urbanization, and cattle ranching, or to make commercial products like paper, palm oil, or furniture.

BeesAndThankYou intends to do for the trees the same as we do for the bees. We want the public to be more aware, and we want to counter the effects of shortsighted human industrial activity. We plan on planting our own trees, so that someday the fruits of our labor can become the forests of tomorrow. The donations we receive will also be used to fund initiatives to spread information through our festival presence.

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